About Nathan

With 35 years’ experience, I am dedicated to helping busy professionals like you to spotlight your brilliance. To help you more quickly add value to your existing customers, clients and community. And to protect you from the overwhelm we all feel when attempting to implement everything alone.

My relationship with the spotlight really began when I started giving live performances at the age of seven.  Doing business with nerves and the many stresses of facing down a large audience behind bright lights takes time, and I had plenty of it, very young.  

What does it take to get on stage?


As an adult professional, moving from the performance spotlight to the speakers’ stage has come with some surprises. In my case when I closed out my TEDx event 35 years later I was disoriented because I wasn’t blinded by the familiar spotlights I was expecting.

4 Truths about Reaching People From the Spotlight:

  1. The Spotlight doesn’t shine automatically.
  2. The Spotlight doesn’t last forever.
  3. “Lucky” days in the Spotlight take preparation.
  4. Leveraging the Spotlight takes endurance.

When it’s on your side, a spotlight can help people SEE YOU, understand why they can TRUST YOU, and know how they can CHOOSE YOU or your product to help them in their lives. During my time on the stage in a performance capacity, I often took this positive presence for granted. But in my adult professional life I’ve learned that it is key to helping my message actually reach and convert the audience I’m best suited to help.

When it’s not on your side, the absence of the spotlight can leave people unaware of you, untrusting of you, disengaged and ignorant of what a difference your idea or product could do for them. Your rabid fans and loyal customers may be lost to you simply because they can’t see you yet.

Sometimes we can get weary of the spotlight, or insecure in our pursuit of it, or discouraged that we’ll never reach the people most needing to hear us. I’ve spent time dealing with the challenges of this for myself, and have helped colleagues, clients, and friends deal with the fickle spotlight for themselves.

When I began my Be the Talk Podcast, I realized I could do better than just help others deal with the fickle spotlights out there. I could actually become a dependable spotlight. I could illuminate their brilliance, build a bridge of trust to the audience, and prevent burnout by supporting their implementation efforts with my many years of technical experience.

So that’s who I am.

I’d love to help you reach the world with your idea, and build trust with your audience by helping them really see you, see your expertise, and grasp how you can be the difference they’ve been looking for.


Let Me Spotlight Your Brilliance

The Spotlight can be fickle. I know what it’s like to be in the spotlight and I also know what it’s like to suddenly be out of the spotlight. I also know how overwhelming it can be to try to stay in the spotlight. And I know what it’s like to have the spotlight – or even your appetite for the spotlight – burn out.

I know what it’s like not to be asked back. I know what it’s like to be overlooked. Having to wait so much longer, toil so much harder, for so much less – simply because I didn’t know how to fully optimize my time in the spotlight.


I absolutely believe that discipline and hard work has its place. But sometimes when we embrace “no pain no gain” for its own sake, the more we tend to progress – in wrong directions.

Have you noticed, this obsession with the spotlight can morph into a Blind-Spot? When we become too high performance. When we major on minors. Even when we do the wrong things (in the right way) we still get wrong results.

And I also know through decades of experience the toll our own blind spots can take on us.

And that is why I like leveraging tools and validating processes that help us get maximum exposure, maximum impact in the minimum amount of time.

You’re probably asking “Like What”?

Well for one, having a podcast is one tool that I’ve leveraged that has allowed me to very quickly create high value resources in very little time and my production team has helped me to extend that impact through mind mapping. In February 2018 I began a 7x week podcast with the goal of finding what all successful TEDx speakers had in common. I finished the year (pending) with 365 amazing interviews from real folks who I felt deserved another time in the spotlight. This time we spotlighted the backstage backstory apart from their Talk.


Combining the tools of rapid coaching and mind mapping has helped me also unlock people in a very short amount of time. Since coaching is such an investment, if you allow me, I would be glad to show your assistant, your receptionist, your office manager, your virtual assistant, how to mind map you so that you don’t have to pay me money to do it myself.

If you would like to check out my over 365 BeTheTalk episodes with some of the best TED/x speakers on the planet, check out my page. If you would like to find out more about how you can get your own TEDx talk accepted – you can join thousands of others who have taken my courses below.



  1. BeTheTalk Podcast – FREE
    I recorded over 100 hours of content with top subject matter experts who have also given a TED/x.  Each episode includes the “Blitz Round” about 10 minutes into the show which specifically speaks to your desire to Get Accepted and change the world with your talk.  Start Here 🙂
  2. “Get Accepted” Email Course – ALSO FREE
    Opt-Into my 5 day email course which will walk you through the steps to create, hone and record your stage-worthy idea so that you can Get Accepted.  Included the application techniques that worked for me and for my guests as well.
  3.  TEDx Conversational Courses on Udemy – ALMOST FREE
    My Udemy courses have been taken by over 5,000 students.

    Join 5,000 others and buy one or both of my conversational courses for even more perspective.  If you are cause-driven or in the non-profit sector you will also get a lot of value out of the followup course TEDx for NGOs, NonProfits & Volunteers.  TIP – UDEMY often massively discounts their courses so instead of the $197 course retail you can grab one or both for much less.


  4. “Borrow My Brain” Session 
    If you’ve done some or all of the above, and need timely, trusted advice from the person who has recorded more TED/x interviews than anyone else on the internet… perhaps we should talk.

    Just like you, my time is limited, so to make sure that you get maximum value for your investment I have a short process for you. (big thanks to Mike Kim for permission to adapt his model)

    1.     Fill out the application including the payment and a calendar time.

    The questionnaire will ask you for links to your idea, videos, recordings, or anything else that will help me get quickly up to speed on your background information ahead of our scheduled call.

    2.    I will take one hour to review your responses and any supplemental content that you send me in advance.

    3.   We will connect on phone or video chat to discuss your stated objectives.

    Which option works best for you right now?

    I wish you the best as you Get Accepted and give the talk to change the world as a future TED/x speaker.

Join thousands who have taken the courses I co-created with my friend Scott Paton.